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Our Transparent & Fair Fees

Leaf Financial Advisers - Bristol based Independent Financial Advisers

Our Approach to Pricing

We are often disappointed with the way that many traditional firms approach pricing.  Fees are rarely advertised or discussed up front and it can be difficult to know which service you’re paying for or that your money is being well spent.  

In response, we stick to the principles of being Up-Front, Transparent and Fair.  This makes sure our customers know what they’re getting, what they’re paying for, and that it’s great value for money.

We believe that part of offering a high-quality service is to be honest about pricing, if you have any questions then please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer.

We also offer a Free Consultation to anyone who is unsure about what Financial Advice they may need, or if they need any fee based advice at all.

And our fair price promise – We will only do work if we think the benefit outweighs the fees – can’t say fairer than that!

Complimentary Consultation

We always offer a complimentary consultation and are always completely at our expense.

We use this session to discuss any queries you may have, determine if you need any financial advice and if so what would sort would best suit you. It also allows us time to get to know each other and explain how the advice process works and what you will receive for each service.

The session usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.

You will walk away from your consultation with an understanding of what advice you may need, how it will benefit you and how much it will cost.

We aim to simplify financial advice – because life is complicated enough.

Price List

We charge different types of fees, with the majority being Fixed.

Fixed Fee 

An agreed up front fixed cost.  For the majority of advice we offer a fixed fee so that the client knows what they will be paying upfront and can make an informed choice about what service they required.

Please note that the below prices are a guide, advice is very personal, and while we expect the vast majority to be as below fees will need to be tailored to the exact situation.  We will inform you upfront what your fixed fee will be and the reasons behind it.

Free Services 

No cost to the client.  We offer the majority of our Insurance and Protection advice completely fee-free.  We are able to do so as, like almost all brokers, we are paid a fee by the insurance providers.  We think this is enough compensation for our service, and so we have decided to not charge our clients anything extra.

We also offer a free Initial Consultation.

Hourly rate

We use hourly rates for particularly unique or complicated situations or if the client requests to be charged an hourly rate instead of fixed.

Pension Advice

Our pension advisory service makes sure you have your pension invested in the right place and in the most tax-efficient manner to boost your pension pot.  It helps you see your forecast pension amount, effectively arrange drawdown levels and the impact of changes to your situation or from the wider world.

All our Pension Plans include an Inheritance Planning review at no extra cost.

Standard Pension Plan  – £650 – £1,000

Most clients fall into this category, and it is suitable for those who have moderate pension pots and straightforward later life plans.

Complex Plan  £1,000 – £1,750

This is for clients with more complex issues, such as multiple pension arrangements, complicated estate planning requirements or other complications such as offshore pensions or complex drawdown plans.

Very Complex  £1,750+


Ongoing Advice (0.5% – 0.6%)

This cost-effective ongoing service will:

  • Provide you with an up to date plan, updated with the latest data, including changes to tax rules and investment outlook. 
  • Ensure your pension remains invested in the best possible way for your ever-changing situation.
  • Review your planned drawdown arrangements to make sure they remain optimal.
  • The tax situation is reviewed and updated.
  • Your forecasts are updated with up to date information, including your expected retirement amount and age.

Ad-hoc Advice

We undertake one-off pieces of advice on such matters as how to facilitate off-shore pension arrangements, the use of trusts or devising a drawdown plan.

Financial Planning

One of our most popular services.  Financial Planning makes sure your finances are arranged in the best possible way for you, now and in the future.

We’ll take a forensic look at your current arrangements, plans, income / expenditure, then use forecast modelling to generate a financial plan that works for you.

Your detailed plan will let you see your expected future wealth, assets and see what impact any changes to your life will have.  Ongoing reviews will help ensure you remain on plan.

Standard Financial Plan (£750 – £1,250)

Most clients fall into this category, and it is suitable for singletons, couples, and families with moderate wealth. 

Complex Plan (£1,250 – £2,250)

For those with a more complex situation, such as multiple properties, overseas assets or including other services such as estate planning.

Very Complex = £2,250+

Ongoing Advice (0.6% – 1.0% )

this cost-effective ongoing service will:

  • Provide you with an up to date plan, updated with the latest data, including changes to tax rules and investment outlook. 
  • Ensure your investments remains invested in the best possible way for your ever-changing situation.
  • The tax situation is reviewed and updated*
  • Your forecasts are updated with up to date information, including your expected retirement age, your asset value and expected pension.

Investment Advice

Our Investment Advice Service makes sure you are invested in the right areas and also in the most tax-efficient way possible.

A standard strategy will involve an extensive review of existing investments and the creation of the most optimal portfolio for your situation, including tax treatment.

Starter Investment Plan  – £700

For those who are just starting to invest and want to make sure they set up to reduce tax and maximise returns.

Standard Investment Strategy (£600 – £2,000)

A standard strategy will be suitable for most investors and will cover multiple assets such as equities, bonds, property and commodities.

Complex Plan (£1,750 – £2,750)

For those with more complex investment needs such as significant sums, complex tax arrangements or the use of products such as trusts.

Very Complex = £2,750+

Ongoing Advice – (£600 – £1,000)

This cost-effective ongoing service will:

  • ensure your investments remain invested in the best possible way for your ever-changing situation.
  • The tax situation is reviewed and updated*
  • Your forecasts are updated with up to date information, including your expected asset growth.

Insurance and Protection

We do not charge for arranging insurance and protection policies².  This includes the entire process from advice to arranging. 

² Please note there is a fee for “Investment based” insurance products.  We also may receive a payment from the insurance provider.

We can advise on a range of mortgage and protection products.  This includes Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness cover among others.

Mortgage Advice/Brokering Service

We advise and broker on a range of mortgage types, from Residential, Buy to Let, and Second Charge.

First Charge Residential Mortgage – £299

This includes Remortgages, First Time Buyer, and Home mover.

Buy to Let Mortgage – £299

This includes Purchase, Capital Raising and Remortgage.

Second Charge Mortgage – £250 on Application and £250 on Completion.

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management Service is an ongoing service that will help manage your investment portfolio, review tax arrangements, optimise in areas such as estate planning and an overall, comprehensive management of your finances.

Setting Up Relationship (£1,750 to £3,000 +)

Setting up the relationship is the most time-consuming part of the work as it requires a large amount of in-depth analysis and investigation.

Continuing Relationship – (£1,00 to £1,500 +)

Ongoing monitoring of your finances as we continually assess if your wealth remains invested and managed in the best way for your current situation.  The investing, tax and business worlds are constantly changing, so it is important to continually ensure your wealth is managed in the best and most up to date way possible.

Ad-hoc Advice

Through our Free Consultation service you should gain an understanding of what financial advice you may need and how much it will cost.  Often there is no need for a full service and a small piece of ad-hoc work may be the most appropriate solution.

We usually charge on the basis of £190/hour with most pieces of work taking between one and three hours.

  • Investment of ISA allowance
  • Simple trust arrangements.
  • Long term care planning.
  • Existing policy/fund charges and taxation analysis (if relevant)
  • School fee planning
  • Building up funds to repay Interest Only mortgage capital
  • Rainy day funds and any other purposes
  • Long term care planning
  • Short, medium and long term business cashflow and investment planning

Estate Planning

An Estate Planning review will examine youtr current  

Standard Plan (£500 – £750)

Most client fall into this category, and it is suitable for those


Complex (£750 – £1,750)


Very Complex (£1,750+)


£500 – £1,000 

this cost effective ongoing service will:

  • ensure your pension remains invested in the best possible way for your ever changing situation
  • The tax situation is reviewed and updated*
  • Your forecasts are updated with upto date information, including your expected retirment amount and age


Ad-hoc Advie

we undertake one off pieces of advice on such matters as how to faciliate 

General investment and pension management/transfer advice.

3% of Asset Value – ?? currently reduced to 2% with our community discount.

Ongoing Management is charged at 1% of assets – currently reduced to 0.75% with out community discount.

This is one of our core services and covers anyone who needs a lump sum invested or managed.  This may be a cash lump sum, a current underperforming portfolio that needs to be reinvested or a pension pot that needs to be transferred and/or invested.

We will provide a full advisors service as well as performing the actual investment process.  invested/transferred

Free Initial meeting

We offer both existing and new clients a free consultation when they believe they may need some Financial Advice.  

We use this time to explore the issues, build up a client profile, explore options and give guidance on what advice would be beneficial and how much it may cost.

Please note the above prices are for guidance only, and we reserve the right to alter them at any point.  You will be advised on the fee structure when the advice process starts and we will ensure you are happy to proceed before we begin any fee-based service.

Our Pricing Principles


All too often when browsing other adviser websites, we notice that there is rarely any indication of how much they may charge, never mind a clear and comprehensible guide of what for!

As we’re sure that we offer great value for money we have no problem putting our prices up on our website.  And we try to make it as clear as we can, breaking out the different types of service and levels of complexity, so that you know exactly what work is being carried out for these fees, and what you’ll be receiving.


Clear and transparent pricing is important to make sure you know what service you’re getting and that you’re happy with what you may pay before any work begins.

We make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money; what you’re going to receive as part of the service, the timing and any benefits and limitations. 

We will only proceed when we are sure you are aware and are happy with the fees discussed.


Clients deserve to know that every penny they spend is being used on high-quality advice.  We reduce costs wherever we can, as long as it does not impact the quality of advice.  

We don’t think clients money is best spent on wood-panelled offices, expensive dinners or golf tournaments.  Instead, we prefer to spend it on state of the art IT systems, staffing for evenings and weekend appointments and advanced research and analysis tools.

No fancy high ceilinged offices, no golf tournaments and no cocktail evenings for our clients – sorry!  But all this money saved does go right back into your pocket as reduced fees.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that high fees mean high-quality advice, as unfortunately it doesn’t.

Transparent – spare

This should help potential clients in their 

We want to make sure our customers know how much our to how much firms charges are, and exactly what work is carried out for these fees. 

We want our potential cliebts to be able to see what they are gpoing to get for their money.


Fair costs – spare

We think that customers these days are savvy enough to see past attempts to impress with glossy brochures and want to know they’re getting good quality advice, not just expensive advice.

Costs are another issue of ours – we make sure that we cut out every cost we can, as long as it does not impact on advice, as we can use that money to reduce fees

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We offer an initial consultation for free without cost or obligation, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the advice process, our firm, our costs or anything else you are unsure about.

Clients often worry that advice will cost too much.  Our Fair Price Promise means we will only engage a new client if we believe the benefit will exceed any fees we may charge.

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