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An ideal alternative to remortgaging or a further advance, second charge mortgages provide a fast, cost-effective means of securing funds.


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Our independent status means we are not tied to any one mortgage lender or panel of lenders. This allows us access to the whole of the market, including several specialised lenders, helping you get the best deal possible.


We are based in Bristol and as such have specialised expertise in the local housing market.

Our local knowledge will help ensure your mortgage process goes as smoothly as possible.

Why a Second Charge Mortgage?

A second charge mortgage is a mortgage taken out in addition to the one you already have – it uses excess equity you have in your property and means you will end up with two mortgages.

Mortgages are one of the cheapest forms of borrowing, making a second charge mortgage generally cheaper than using credit cards or personal loans. However, it is usually only appropriate for larger sums and longer term borrowing.

There is a lot of flexibility in how funds raised from a Second Charge mortgage can be used – from home improvements, debt consolidation to helping family members with a deposit for their own home.

As they run alongside your current mortgage they allow you to obtain additional mortgage funds without having to give up your current deal with a remortgage. It can also avoid the cost of an Early Repayment Charge that may be payable upon remortgaging a current deal.

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How Can We Help You?​

Whilst a Second Charge mortgage can be a cost efficient method of raising finance it is more complex than a regular residential mortgage and seeking expert advice is crucial to ensure you get the best deal for your situation.

Please get in touch for a free consultation where we can discuss your situation, take you through the types of mortgage you are eligible for and how much you may be able to borrow.

Second charge loans are not often offered by mainstream lenders. Instead, they are offered by second charge specialists that have complex internal processes. We can use our expertise and current market knowledge to direct your mortgage application to the most suitable lender.

Leaf Financial Advisers are fully Regulated, Independent, Bristol based Independent Mortgage Advisers.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

There are two choices in the UK: go direct to each lender individually or use a mortgage broker.

Going direct can give the impression of having more control over the process, but can be more time consuming as paperwork and interviews often take several hours and have to be redone for each lender.

You will also be restricted to just some of the mortgages on offer, unable to access the range of “broker only” deals offered by lenders (although brokers cannot advise on direct to consumer deals). And unfortunately if turned down, you can leave a trail that could jeopardise any future applications you make.

Using a broker can help alleviate these issues, help you through the process and save you stress, time and money.


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