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About Leaf Financial Advisers

Independent Advice

An Independent Financial Adviser can search the entire market.  Why restrict yourself?

Fixed Fees

Fixed up front fees, clearly explained, so you know what you’re paying for. 

Convenient Meetings

Working around where and when is convenient for you.  Including weekends and evenings.

Happy Clients

Quick response to messages and emails, everything explained in clear English, no rush or pressure = happy clients.

Regulated and Trustworthy

Fully Authorised by the FCA.  Covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service.  Independent Chartered Advice.

Green Options

Green options available or pensions and investments.  Let you money work for more.

Recent Awards

Pension Advisory Firm of the Year Winner

UK Innovation & Excellence Awards

Bristols Most Trusted Financial Advisory Firm

Best Ethical Pensions & Investment Advisory Firm

South West

Best Nationwide Financial Advisory Firm

South West

Southern Enterprise Awards

Recent Awards

Pension Advisory Firm of the Year Winner

UK Innovation & Excellence Awards

Bristols Most Trusted Financial Advisory Firm

Best Ethical Pensions & Investment Advisory Firm
South West England

It can be difficult to choose a financial adviser that's right for you

“There is a lot of choice for financial advice in Bristol.  At first it can seem overwhelming; many financial advisers seem to offer the same services, and it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for in a financial adviser, especially if you have never used one before.

Personally, I think that once you have established that the adviser has the levels of skills and experience needed, then it comes down to trust, service and cost.

Trust is important, as you not only want to be safe in the knowledge that your money is as secure as possible, but that your adviser is spending time working hard on the best outcome for you.  Service is also important, it’s nice to have the option of calling late one evening with a concern, to have your call answered and your mind put at ease.

Good advice often costs money, but that certainly doesn’t mean the bigger the cost the better the advice!  Not being afraid to ask about costs, understanding what they’re for and shopping around can help make sure you pay the right amount for the right advice.”

Andrew Rogers,

Leaf Financial Advisers

Headshot Bristol Financial Advisor

Andrew Rogers,

Founder, Leaf Financial Advisers

Charted Independent Financial Adviser

Chartered Accountant

Independent Mortgage Broker

Defined Benefit Pension Specialist

Equity Release Specialist

Chartered Financial Adviser Certification

What our customers say

Phil Jones
Fishponds, Bristol
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Excellent Financial Advice and Service, from a very knowledgeable Friendly Advisor. Good Work
Alasdair Harris
Cotham, Bristol
Read More
Leaf has provided superb advice and support to our family. We're continually impressed by the insight, expertise, efficiency and sincerity - look no further for a Bristol financial adviser.
Rod David
St George
Read More
Andy has gone above and beyond to help me with my complicated property issues. He's always been quick to respond and patience to explain the ins and outs of all my mortgage issues. Highly recommend
Chris J
Bishopston, Bristol
Read More
Andy has been brilliant and really supportive throughout the whole process. We would definitely recommend.
Sophie T
Read More
Andy is a very friendly guy who goes to great efforts to provide the best advice and information available. He advised me primarily on equity release but was also able to help with pensions. He is very knowledgeable and I shall definitely be using him in the future.
Gerry B
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I can highly recommend Andy Rogers from Leaf Financial advisors. Andy takes time to fully understand your financial position and your aims and objectives. He has provided us with skilled financial support for pensions, mortgages, savings and life insurance. He produces comprehensive reports and explains everything in an accessible way. For the first time I feel like I understand our finances! Andy has helped our young adult children with their mortgages too. He is professional, approachable with excellent communication. We are so grateful for his expert guidance and financial management.
Wendy Y
Read More
Andy has been extremely helpful regarding guidance on pension advice. This has helped me to make an informed decision about options open to me. I've appreciated that he also works outside of normal office hours. Good too talk with someone who has real enthusiasm for, and love of their line of work.
Marian C
Northern Ireland
Read More
I approached Andrew for some advice on tax advice in relation to my self assessment. He was very professional and helpful. I would recommend Leaf Financial Advisers Ltd.
Harry B
Read More
Fantastic broker and also acts as financial advisor. Andy will go above and beyond to get you the best deal and is always available to give advice. I was recommended Andy from a colleague and to be honest I can’t imagine using anyone else now.
Ryan B
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Very pleased with the support I received. Communication was excellent, and Andy answered all my questions with a straightforward and concise approach. Buying our first home has been made so easy with his support, and I couldn’t recommended his advisory services enough.
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I highly recommend Andy Rogers if you are looking for an independent financial advisor. Great service. Sorted out a buy to let remortgage very quickly for me and at no cost to myself; really flexible appointment times incl evenings and weekends. (All without the need for face to face meetings re covid). Threw in some great tips to start me think about retirement / pension planning etc. Found the business via the unbiased website rather than a recommendation so wasn’t sure what to expect but I would definitely use Andy again.

01173 823 823

Get In Touch

Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

Complimentary Consultation

What is it?

Its a chance to discuss your situation in detail, ask any questions you may have, and have a general chat around your situation and the types of advice that may be available to you.

Usually taking place in the comfort of your own home (not only the most convenient, but it can also create a more relaxed atmosphere) or the office, whichever option is the most convenient (office in St Andrews, Skype, Teams, phone etc).

There is no commitment, and many walk away with a better understanding of their situation and options and some no longer feel there is a need for financial advice at all.  Or they understand what financial advice options are available, what each one might cost and what the benefits and process will be.


If you’ve never had financial advice before, or are unsure about what advice you actually need, it can be hard to look around for a financial adviser.  You may be uncertain if you need advice, what you need it for, what it involves and how much it is likely to cost.

Having a thorough chat through with a qualified and experienced adviser will help you understand your situation and what you may need advice for

As Leaf Financial Advisers offers Fixed up front pricing, this session is also used to give you a bespoke price, based on your exact situation.  This means you only pay for the advice you actually need and nothing else.

Not only is there no charge for the session, there are no annoying follow ups

Green and Ethical Options


It is becoming increasingly easier to use your pension and investments (ISA etc) to help support green and other ethical causes.

The money within your pension or investment ISA will often be invested in a range of different areas, but mainly in large mixed funds.  A large part of your money is likely then invested in companies that you may not agree with, from Oil & Gas, to Tobacco or Armaments.  With changes in the market over the past few years and more general flexibility around  pensions and investments it has become much easier (and often cheaper) to use the money in your pension to target those types of companies that you want to support.


“My own interest in conservation began many years ago, working as a marine conservation diver in the Caribbean, before a few years later starting a small marine conservation company in Bali, Indonesia.

Although my life has come a long way in the decades in between, it has always struck me that people would do a lot more, if they were simply given the option and shown the way.

There are Billions of pounds tied up in peoples pensions pots, much invested in fossil fuel companies etc, that could easily be tilted towards more green and ethical investments.

I think that people should be completely free to invest in whatever they choose, but if they are interested in part or all of their pensions or investments being invested in a Green or Ethical way (which itself is different for everyone) then I am always happy to show them how they can achieve this.”

Andrew Rogers,

Leaf Financial Advisers


It’s important to be up-front about pricing.  Although we offer a generous free consultation to discuss your situation in detail, there is no point shying away from the fact that good advice costs money, and that the price can be a key part of choosing a financial adviser to work with.

It’s disappointing to see how some financial advice companies approach this; with fees rarely advertised or discussed up front, it can be difficult to know what you’re exactly paying for or if you are getting good value for money.  We think that customers these days are savvy enough to see past attempts to impress with glossy brochures and sharp suits and want to know they’re getting good quality advice, not just expensive advice.

It’s important that prices are Up-Front, Transparent and Fair.

Up Front

Being up front about pricing is important to not only not waste a potential customers time, but to help a potential customer have as much information as they can before they decide to get in touch with an IFA. The types of fees we charge can be found on our transparent menu of services and cost guidelines as you will see from our “Pricing” page.  Fee’s are tailored to the complexity of work that needs to be done, not necessarily the amount of money involved.


Clear and transparent pricing is important to make sure you know what you’re paying for and that you’re happy before any work begins.

You’ll be made aware of any and all fees with information on what you’re paying for and have the chance to discuss them.  Work will only proceed once you are happy with all the fees discussed.


As much of your fee as possible should be going into providing you the best advice possible.

We make sure that we cut out every cost we can, as long as it does not impact on advice, as we can use that money to reduce fees.   No fancy high ceilinged offices, no golf tournaments and no cocktail evenings for our clients – sorry!  But all this money saved does go right back into your pocket as reduced fees.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that high fees mean high quality advice, as unfortunately it doesn’t.

A broad range of services to cover almost every eventuality


Pension advice on a wide range of areas to make sure your pensions are working the best they can.

Financial Planning

Professional Financial Planning can help you get the most out of your future.

Green Pensions & Investments

Help on focusing your pension and investments to help the environment.

& ISAs

Investment advice from an Independent Financial Adviser.

Mortgages & Insurance

Mortgage and Insurance Advice from a Whole of Market Mortgage Broker.

Equity Release

Equity Release Advice from an Independent Mortgage Broker.

Safe and Trusted Advice

Independent Advice

We strongly believe that independent, ‘whole of market’ financial advice is the only way forward.

Independent Financial Advisers are the only type of advisers who are able to select from all products available in the marketplace. Making sure you get financial advice that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Our Independent status means we can offer advice using the widest range of financial products and services. And that means you benefit – whether it’s for investment advice, retirement plans, inheritance tax planning – or simply reducing your financial expenditure.

Regulated, Qualified, Authorised

It’s important to know that you can rely on and trust the advice you are receiving. Leaf Financial Advisers a regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s independent watchdog and Regulator that regulates financial services.  We abide by their strict rules and regulations, some of the strongest in the world. Leaf Financial Advisers can be found on the FCA register, under our FCA number 944216. Our advice is also covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), for extra peace of mind.

01173 823 823

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Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

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