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It can be difficult to choose a financial adviser that's right for you

There is a lot of choice and many appear to be similar and offer the same service and advice.  We know that choosing a financial adviser is a big decision, and you want to know you are getting the high quality service you deserve, delivered at a fair price. 

We always strive to offer the best service, and in doing so we’ve looked at areas which customers value the most.  This, for example, is why our modern approach includes features such as flexible out of hours appointments, clear up front pricing and a focus on reducing needless, frivolous costs.  All backed up by state of the art IT systems and tools.

Having researched the market thoroughly, we feel that the following are examples of how we go above and beyond the majority of financial advisory firms out there.

Of course, if you still have unanswered questions, please do get in touch; we’d be only too happy to help you.

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Complimentary Consultation

We always offer a complimentary consultation and always completely at our expense.

We use this session to discuss any queries you may have, determine if you need any financial advice and if so what would sort would best suit you. It also allows us time to get to know each other and explain how the advice process works and what you will receive for each service.

The session usually last between 30 minutes and an hour.

You will walk away from your consultation with an understanding what advice you may need, how it will benefit you and how much it will cost.

We aim to simplify financial advice– because life is complicated enough.

Ways to get in touch

Fill out our contact form and an adviser will call you back at a time that is convenient to you

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Doing things the right way

We believe in providing a customer-centric service – thinking first about what is important for the customer.

Flexible Appointments

We are all busier than ever these days, and it can be difficult to fit everything in around work and day to day life.

We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends, not just 9 – 5. Because good advice fits around your schedule, not ours.

We pride ourselves on being very accessible.  We appreciate how busy you are so we’re happy to visit your work or home, make best use of the telephone and email to stay in touch throughout the year, and you’ll have access to your advisers mobile number so that you can call them after your working day has finished.


The cost of advice is important, and the more an adviser costs doesn’t mean the better the advice is!

Price shouldn’t be the only reason why you choose a financial adviser, or decide on financial advice altogether.

We believe it’s important for pricing to not only be fair and reasonable but also clear and transparent.

We do everything we can to reduce our costs, as long as it does not impact on the quality of our advice.  Any cost saving we make we pass onto our customers with reduced fees.

Please see below for more information on our up-front, fair, transparent pricing.

Giving the best advice we can

We are always working hard to run a customer first service.

Personal Adviser

We believe that the best financial advice is personable, friendly and delivered by someone who knows your unique situation inside out.

We make sure that you deal with the same adviser all the way through the process.  Your adviser will be the one to work on your case all the way through, no handing off the work to an administrator or para planner.  This will allow your adviser to gain an in-depth understanding of your personal situation and help them to give the best advice they can.  You will be able to speak to them directly when you need an update, have any questions or just need a chat.

Plain English

Needless to say, understanding the advice you’re receiving is important! Not only the end result, but the understanding of how the solution was reached and what it means for you. 

Financial advice doesn’t need to be filled with jargon and financial acronyms.  We make sure that we us plain, simple English as much as we can and when we have to use technical terms they are explained clearly.  And we always make sure that you understand any advice before we implement and act on it.

Our clients often tell us that we have a knack of being able to translate complicated concepts and issues into terms they can understand.  No-one likes jargon and that includes us.  We’ll engage with you in a clear and straightforward way.  We don’t ‘do’ complicated!

Gain Your Trust and Save You Money

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Independent Advice

We strongly believe that independent, ‘whole of market’ financial advice is the only way forward.

Independent Financial Advisers are the only type of advisers who are able to select from all products available in the marketplace. Making sure you get financial advice that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Our Independent status means we can offer advice using the widest range of financial products and services. And that means you benefit – whether it’s for investment advice, retirement plans, inheritance tax planning – or simply reducing your financial expenditure.

Regulated, Qualified, Authorised

It’s important to know that you can rely on and trust the advice you are receiving

Your adviser will be fully qualified, regulated and authorised with qualifications from a Chartered body – either the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments or the Chartered Institute of Insurance or both – ensuring that not only do they have the best quality training but that it is continually maintained and developed.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s independent watchdog and Regulator that regulates financial services.  We abide by their strict rules and regulations, some of the strongest in the world. 

Our advice is also covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), for extra peace of mind.


We offer a wide range of products and services for both personal and corporate clients, which are designed to maximise your ability to achieve financial planning success.

Our service will help you plan your future, ensuring you have the right money at the right time.

Whether you are building your pension or drawing it down, our Pension Advice service can help you.

A Local and Personalised service to help you find the most suitable mortgage

Fee Free Advice to help you protect yourself and your family.

Retirement has changed. Let us help you ensure you have as much in retirement as you deserve.

Our services help you find the right investment solutions and build and maintain a portfolio

Gain Your Trust

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Save You Money

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We are often disappointed with the approach that many traditional firms approach pricing.  Fees are rarely advertised or discussed up front, and it can be difficult to know which service you’re paying for or that your money is being well spent.  We think that customers these days are savvy enough to see past attempts to impress with glossy brochures and want to know they’re getting good quality advice, not just expensive advice.

We make sure our prices are Up-Front, Transparent and Fair.

Up Front

All too often when browsing other adviser websites, we notice that there is rarely a clear and comprehensible guide to how much firms charges are, and exactly what work is carried out for these fees. 

If they do quote anything then it is often just a substantial hourly fee for the services of the adviser and administration staff, without the clarity on what will be done to benefit you.

We pride ourselves on our transparent menu of services and cost guidelines as you will see from our “Pricing” page


Clear and transparent pricing is important to make sure you know what service you’re getting and that you’re happy with what you may pay before any work begins.

We make sure that you are aware and agree with any fees before we commence with any chargeable work.  We will only proceed when we are sure you are aware and are happy with the fees discussed.


Costs are another issue of ours – we make sure that we cut out every cost we can, as long as it does not impact on advice, as we can use that money to reduce fees. 

No fancy high ceilinged offices, no golf tournaments and no cocktail evenings for our client – sorry!  But all this money saved does go right back into your pocket as reduced fees.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that high fees mean high quality advice, as unfortunately it doesn’t.



How do we compare against other firms?

We strive to be the best financial firm we can and part of that process we looked at what practices were common in the industry that we thought were outdated and not in the best interest of the customer.  Here are some examples:

Plain English

Good Advice should be easy to understand

We Don't....

Bamboozle you with financial jargon, making you unsure if you fully understand the advice you've paid for.

We Do....

Give you all the information you need, in pain English and make sure you understand it all. If we do use jargon we make sure to explain what it means!

Pass on Cost Savings

Working hard to save money and pass savings on to our clients

We Don't....

Have expensive wood panelled offices or take our Clients out to decadent lunches or fancy golf tournaments.  Sorry!  (but remember all these costs always come back to the clients....)

We Do....

Focus our time and your money on giving you the advice you deserve.  We believe that customers these days are far more savvy, and recognise that great advice at a reasonable price is more important than glossy brochures or decadent surroundings.

Importance of Being Independent

We think truly Independent Advice is in the customers best interest

We Don't....

Restrict our advice to only certain funds, products or providers.

We Do....

Give Independent and Whole of Market advice, allowing us to search the entire market for the right product or service for your needs.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

We believe that part of offering a high-quality service is to be honest about pricing

We Don't....

Hide our true fees in hard to find ongoing commissions or difficult to understand charges; and we aren't scared to put our fees on our website.

We Do....

Try to be as transparent and up front with our fees as possible, displaying them on our website, agreeing them up front and being clear of what the charges are for.

Putting Customers First

Putting the customer first in everything we do

We Don't....

Only offer appointments during 9 - 5, Monday to Friday.

We Do....

Offer flexible appointments at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends.  We do work for you after all!

A word from our founder.

Many traditional firms hadn’t changed their approach in decades, despite many changes to both the financial and business worlds over recent years.  Inefficiencies resulted in customers not getting the best advice for their money.

We believe in traditional value delivered with a modern business aproach.

While the vast majority of advisers in the UK are honest and onnly have the best intention of their clients at heart, they pften work within firm which have “tradinoal” ways of operating.  often unchanged for many years these outdated ways of giving advice result in inneficenies and ultimaely clienst not getting the best advice that their money can provide.

I was determined to do differently, to make ure tht customers got high quality advice without paying unexccily high fees.


Andrew Rogers,

Director, Leaf Financial Advisers Ltd.

Financial Adviser, Chartered Account, Mortgage Adviser, Financial Planner, Equity Release Specialist, Paraplanner

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Finding the right independent financial adviser (IFA) is an important decision and should not be made hastily.  We want to help you make the right decision, both for which adviser you select and what type of advice you elect to receive.

We offer an initial consultation for free without cost or obligation, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the advice process, our firm, our costs or anything else you are unsure about.

Clients often worry that advice will cost too much.  Our Fair Price Promise means we will only engage a new client if we believe the benefit will exceed any fees we may charge.

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Fill out our contact form and an adviser will call you back.

Give us a ring for a Free no obligation discussion on how we may be able to help you: 01173 823 823

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