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Few things in life will be more important than your pension.

We can help with pensions and wider retirement planning to make sure you get the most out of your pensions and retirement.

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The Importance of Good Advice

With life expectancy continuing to increase, a retirement of 20 years or more is increasingly likely and most of us want a secure, happy and healthy retirement, free from money worries.  As a result, decisions around your pension and retirement plans can be some of the most important in your life.

Recent changes to pension rules make it vitally important for you to get good advice.  New pension freedom legislation means you have more flexibility with your pension fund than ever before, resulting in many opportunities to boost the performance of your pension and retirement savings.  Unfortunately this has also resulted in increased complexity in the market with ever changing regulations and increasing range of products.

Whether you are at the start of working life or approaching retirement you will likely benefit from arranging your pension and long term savings in the most efficient way.  Advice from a Regulated Independent Financial Adviser can help to ensure you have the right plan in place.

What can pension advice help with?

Ethical Pensions

Use the money in your pension to work towards ethical or environmental goals.

Pension Advice can help you work out the best way to use your pension to help ethical companies while still taking advantage of tax savings and investment growth.

Help plan your retirement

A bespoke plan for your own unique situation can help make sure your pension is in the right place and growing as fast as it can.  It can help you see when and how much you can retire on and what impact changes you make now can have on your future pension income.

Save tax

The government encourages you to save into a pension by offering several types of tax reliefs and tax breaks.  Pension advice can help you maximise and use all the reliefs available to you to boost the amount you have in your pension or the amount you can take out.

Consolidate your pensions

Consolidate either into a new pension or into an existing one.  Pretty much every pension is unique in what it offers and how much it costs.  Transferring your old pensions in to the right one may work out better in the long term.

Review your current arrangements

Make sure your pensions are set up in the best way, to make sure you’re getting the most out of the money you’ve put aside and not paying more than you need.

Is your pension growing enough

See if your pension is growing fast enough for the retirement you want and if not what action can be taken.  This could be achieved by a review of what your pension is invested in, which company it is with and what costs can be removed or reduced.  All can help boost your pension pot and retirement income.

How Do We Deliver Advice?

We can deliver advice either in the comfort of your own home, over the phone, or via video chat.  

The choice is down to you and whatever is most convenient.

At Home

Face to face advice can be delivered in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits.

Video Conference

Using programmes such as Skype, Zoom and Teams is a good way to have a face to face discussion.

By Telephone

For some more straightforward financial advice, such as arranging a mortgages or life insurance, it is possible to complete everything over the telephone.

Delivering Quality Convenient Advice...

Personal Adviser

Your own Personal Adviser from the start to the end of your journey.  Someone to speak to face-to-face or on the phone if you have any questions.  If you need an update, have a query or just want a chat, you will have someone there for you.

Flexible & Straightforward

We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends, not just 9 – 5. Because good advice fits around your schedule, not ours.

We believe in simple English with no complex jargon, to make sure you fully understand your current Pension situation and any changes we advise.


Our pension pricing is Up-Front, Transparent, and Fair to ensure you only pay for the high-quality advice you deserve.  

We think our pricing policy sets us apart; we are very upfront about how our pricing works.  More can be found on our dedicated Pricing page.

Ways that we can help

Ethical/Green Pension

See if using your pension to invest in an ethical & green way is right for you.

We can help use the funds you have saved within your pension over the years, to invest in companies that are working towards the same ethical, green and sustainable goals as yourself.  Please find out more in our dedicated Ethical Pension section.

Help your pension Grow

We can help maximise the potential of your pensions by developing a bespoke portfolio for the investments within your pension pot.

The right advice could help you increase the growth rate of your pension and lower the running costs, whilst making the most of tax breaks.

Final Salary/Defined Benefit Pensions

We are regulated to advise on Defined Benefit pensions.  Please get in touch for more information.  You can find out if your pension is a Defined Benefit type here: Do I have a Final Salary / Defined Benefit Pension?

Tax Free Lump Sum

Most pensions in the UK come with a Tax Free Lump Sum of some kind.  We can help you work out if taking it is the right thing to do and if so when, as it often doesn’t have to be taken all at once.  You can find out more in our article on the Pension Tax Free Lump Sum.

Am I Saving Enough?

Help work out how your pensions are doing and what they may pay out when you come to retirement.

We can review your current arrangements, read through the jargon, do the calculations and help work out how much you are likely to have and what you can do.

Drawdown Planning

Drawdown is a popular way of accessing a pension these days.

We can develop a drawdown strategy that will make sure you have access to your pension at the right times while boosting the growth of the rest, all in a tax efficient manner.

Please find out more about Drawdown in our article on What is Pension Drawdown.

Develop a Retirement Plan

We will help you to see your financial, post retirement, future and understand it in a visual, jargon-free way.  

A bespoke living financial plan where you can clearly see what you can achieve depending on the decisions you make; whether it’s what you can afford in retirement or even when you can afford to retire.

Pensions Transfers

Many pensions are transferable, allowing you to move your pension pot.  We can see if there is anywhere that may lower cost, better features or options, such as ethical/environmental investing or flexible withdrawals.

Pension builder plan

Whether you have not yet started a pension or have a few already and want to know the best next steps, we can help set you up the right pension for you.  

Complimentary Initial Meeting

We always offer a complimentary meeting to both discuss your situation and help you understand what advice would involve for you.

We use this session to discuss any queries you may have, help you understand your current situation, determine if you need any financial advice and if so what would sort would best suit you.  It also allows us time to get to know each other and explain how the advice process works and what you will receive for each service.

You will walk away from your consultation with an understanding of what advice you may need, how it will benefit you and how much it will cost.

We aim to simplify financial advice– because life is complicated enough.


Regulated and Independent

We are Independent Advisers meaning we can access the entire market to make sure we find the most suitable products for you.

With us on your side you’ll gain the protection of Regulated Advice from a chartered adviser Authorised by the FCA. 

Fixed Fee Pension Advice

We offer our initial advice on a fixed price basis.  This gives you certainty over what you will pay and allows the price to be tailored exactly to the advice that is needed.

Everyone’s situation is different, and some are more straightforward than others.  We think it’s important to only pay for what you need.

We will always make it absolutely clear exactly how much you will pay before we go ahead with any advice.  We are often able to offer different types of advice at different prices.


get in touch

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39 Cromwell Road, St Andrews, Bristol, BS6 5HD.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pensions

We answer some of our most commonly asked questions below.  But if you would like to know more then please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any query you may have.

It’s important to understand the benefits of pension advice before you decide if it’s right for you.  Your pension is vital not only because it’s one of the most valuable things you’ll have in your life but because you will rely on it for a large proportion of your life after you retire.

Potential benefits of pensions advice include lowering costs, boosting performance, peace of mind that your pensions are in the right place and seeing how much you may have in retirement.

To find out more about how pension advice could benefit you please read our article on What Are The Benefits of Pension Advice.

An Ethical Pension is when you carefully chose the investments inside your pension pot to meet your ethical criteria.  This can involve screening for and avoiding companies that damage society or the environment or actively selecting companies that make a positive contribution. For more information on Ethical Pensions please read our more detailed article Can I have an Ethical Pension?.

Although you can get tax relief when you pay into a pension, you are also liable for income tax when you start to draw out of your pension.  

The exception to this is the 25% tax free lump sum.  This is a lump sum amount that can be withdrawn from your pension pot free of any income tax. There is also flexibility about how and when you can take it, including not taking it all at once and not taking it straight away.  You can find out more about the Pension tax free lump sum in our article The Tax Free Pension Lump Sum Explained.

According to research by consumer association Which?, the majority of advisers charge an upfront fee which is calculated as a percentage of the amount to be invested, with an average fee of 2.7%. Which? asked over 100 advisers how much they’d charge based on a range of different pension scenarios. The average cost for transferring multiple pensions worth £150,000 into a single plan amounted to £2,897, whilst retirement advice on a pension worth £100,000 cost an average of £1,837.

You should always make sure that you make sure you’re clear with how much you will be charged before you proceed with pension advice.

We always ensure we are trasparent and up front with our pricing and make sure you understand our charges before we proceed.  You can find out more in our Pricing page.

Transferring your pension will require advice, which you will have to pay for. You must have a clear understanding of the risks of swapping safeguarded benefits for flexible ones. The value of your pension pot may go down due to poor performing investments.

Final Salary (aka Defined Benefit) pension transfers are commonly inquired about, especially since Pension Freedoms legislation was introduced in 2015.

In short, the Financial Conduct Authority stipulates that individuals with a pension value over £30,000 must take advice.  This advice must be from a regulated adviser with the relevant permissions and qualifications. 

Yes, Leaf Financial Advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving you extra peace of mind. 

To work out how much you need in your pension you must first determine how much retirement income you will need to meet your retirement spending needs.

What is deemed a suitable level of pension income for retirement varies a lot from person to person, as we all have a wide range of what quality of life we each determine to be suitable.

It may help to look at the average of what is spent in retirement.  According to the ONS, in 2017 the average retired household spends £21,770 a year.  Please get in touch with us if you would like an analysis of what your individual spending requirement is likely to be and if your current pension arrangements are adequate.

No, you do not pay National Insurance (NI) contributions on your private pension income, including any annuity income.  You also do not pay National Insurance on any lump sum paid from your pension.

Under the government’s Pension Advice Allowance a person may make three withdrawals from their pension scheme of up to £500 (so up to £1,500 in total) to pay for “Retirement Advice”.  There is no limit on the age at which the allowance may be accessed, although it must only be used for advice related to Retirement planning.

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