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What is a CIS mortgage


How much can I borrow?


How much deposit do I need?


can I get a mortgage with CIS statements


Do I need to have been subbing for two years to get a CIS mortgage?


What if I have bad credit?


Flexibile Appointments

We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends, not just 9 – 5.  Because good advice fits around your schedule, not ours.

Personal Adviser

You will be assigned the same Mortgage Adviser from the start to the end of your journey. Someone to speak to if you need an update, have a query or just want a chat; they will be there for you.


Our independent status means we are not tied to any one mortgage lender or panel of lenders, helping you get the best deal possible.

How Much Can I Borrow?

With a few quick questions a broker will be able to give you a rough idea of what a bank is likely to lend to you.  It will take a longer conversation and more questions to give a more accurate answer.

The main facts that a bank consider is the value of the property, the amount of rent, other BTL’s you may have and possibly also your personal income situation.

Not everybody or every property is eligible for a BTL mortgage with every lender.  Differing acceptance rules across lenders make it key to not assume you will accepted and check beforehand if you meet the criteria.

I’ve been subbing for less than a year, can I get a CIS mortgage?


Do I need to have completed my first year’s self-assessment for tax?


Understanding the challenges posed by CIS


How a CIS mortgage broker can help?



How much does CIS mortgage advice cost?
I charge a £245 advice fee for CIS mortgages.For this fee I will:

Collect and review your documents
Approach a CIS friendly lender to confirm your affordability
Seek an agreement in principle
Process you application when you have an offer accepted
The administration fee is collected after our initial appointment. I will also receive commission from the lender. I charge a fee on CIS cases as they can be much more time consuming, and by using a broker with experience with CIS mortgages I can save you time and maximise your borrowing potential. filters out tyre kickers so I can spend more time helping serious home hunters like you.

If your case has added complexity such as a bad credit history or you are buying an unusual property there may be an additional fee, but this would be confirmed before it is incurred. Read more about fees.

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