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Pension Advice Process

What does the Pension Advice process involve?

A Summary of a typical pension advice process – please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Each Advice process is unique, based on your own personal situation.  The below steps are a typical example of what you may experience.  Please contact us if you would like an explanation of what the process would look like for you or click to see the process in more detail.

1 - Book Consultation

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1 - Book Consultation

The first stage is to contact us a book an initial consultation. We will work around your schedule and make sure to meet at a convenient time for you. You may be asked to bring some information along with you, e.g. current pension plan arrangements.

2 - Initial Meeting

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2 - Initial Meeting

During your initial meeting your adviser will explain the advice process, gather information about your current situation (e.g. assets, income, debt etc) and discuss your goals (ideal income in retirement, age of retirement etc) and outline the different options that are available.

3 - Review / Implementation

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3 - Review / Implementation

After the first meeting your adviser will undertake research and use sophisticated financial modelling techniques to determine the best way to reach your retirement goals. In the second meeting your adviser will present to you the findings and take you through the plan we have developed using jargon-free, plain English.  If further work is then required to tweak your plan then your adviser will arrange follow-up meetings. Once you have gained an understanding of your pension plan and are happy to proceed we will then put the plan into place, liaising with the various plan and product providers on your behalf.

4 - Ongoing Monitoring

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4 - Ongoing Monitoring

One of the most important steps. Ongoing monitoring ensures that your pension remains invested in the right way. The tax rules and investing world are always changing and ongoing monitoring makes sure your pension pot remains arranged in the best way for you.

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Step 1 - Initial Meeting

A initial meeting to discuss your current pension position and explore what you expect from retirement, including income levels and when you would like to retire. 

A cornerstone of our work will be to examine and understand your unique current financial situation and your future goals and plans.

This meeting can be in your home, an alternative location of your choosing or via a video call.

Step 2 - Analysis

Once we have acquired a deep understanding of your current pension position and your wider view on factors such as risk tolerance, we use sophisticated statistical financial modelling techniques to determine the optimal way to reach your retirement goals.  

This roadmap will involve such factors as asset allocation, sector weighting, geographical splits, and tax wrappers among many others.

Step 3 - Optimise and Develop Plan

The next step is to look at the wide range of products and providers available across the entire market and determine which are the most suitable for your plan.  

We use our financial expertise to select the most optimal ones taking into account factors such as cost,  tax, risk tolerance etc to ensure the most suitable ones are chosen for your particular strategy, situation and goals.

Step 4 - Initial Review

This second face to face meeting will be to present to you our findings and take you through the plan we have developed using jargon-free, plain English. 

You will gain an understanding of what your retirement will look like, what actions you can take to boost your retirement income and other details such as the ability to access cash lump sums.

We will take you through the recommendations in your plan, including why we have chosen particular products or providers, how they align with your risk profile and investment and life goals.

You will have a comprehensive written report to keep which we will make sure you fully understand during the meeting.

Step 5 - Implementation

We put the plan into place, monitoring the progress and keeping you abreast of all developments.  You can have peace of mind knowing a regulated professional is implementing your plan.

Step 6 - Ongoing Review

An ongoing monitoring and review process is advisable to ensure that you pension arrangements are still optimal for your situation.  It depends on what form this takes but it usually at lower cost that initial advice.

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