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Investment Advice Process

Your financial adviser will help you through the main considerations:

Financial goals

Do you have a particular reason for investing? You may be looking to simply grow your money or you may want a regular income from it. Having figures in mind will help your planning and give you a clearer idea of the amount of risk you can cope with to reach your goals.

Time Frame

You also need a clear idea of when you wish to achieve your goals, which will inform the kind of rates of return you’re looking for from your investments.

From this you can see how realistic your goals are. Bear in mind such concerns as age and health when looking at short-term versus medium- and long-term goals.

Attitude to Risk

This is crucial, as if you end up with a strategy that’s so risky that it fills you with worry, then high risk probably isn’t for you. Our financial advisers are well-versed on the financial landscape throughout the UK. We will carefully assess your attitude to risk and this will inform our exploration of the marketplace. You can therefore be confident of the best levels of return based on the level of risk you are comfortable with.

Realistic Investment Sums

Carefully assess all your outgoings to arrive at an understanding of how much spare cash you can comfortably invest, and think in terms of longer-term propositions.

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

An initial face to face meeting to discuss the process and service in more detail.  We also begin to gather information including:

  • your current situation
  • your investment goals
  • your risk appetite and investment horizon,

This meeting can be in your home, an alternative location of your choosing or via a video call and will take around 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 2 –  Strategy Development

We take data gathered on your unique situation and goals and use sophisticated financial modelling to develop a bespoke investment strategy.  This will look to maximise the chance of achieving your goals (e.g., asset growth or income growth etc) while taking account of factors such as your risk tolerance, investing horizon, and lifestyle timings.

Step 3 – Strategy Implementation

using the framework of your investment strategy and your personal situation involving your tax position, etc we will develop a detailed plan to allocate your assets in the most optimal manner between the wide range of products and providers across the entire market.  We ensure that we access the best rates and lowest cost where possible and beneficial and your need for income or access to assets to ensure we have the best assets allocation for your strategy.

Step 4 –  Review Meeting

This second face to face meeting will be to present to you our Investment Advice and Plan. 

We will take you through the recommendations in your plan, including why we have chosen particular products or providers, how they align with your risk profile and investment and life goals.

You will have a comprehensive written report to keep which we will make sure you fully understand during the meeting.

Step 5  – Implementation

This step involves the practical implementation of your plans.  The amount of paperwork and due diligence will depend on the investment approach but can be significant.

Step 6 –  Portfolio Management

The financial landscape is constantly moving, and although we will “future proof” your portfolio as much as possible there will be benefit in an ongoing review process.

Even if your overall strategy remains unchanged there may be a need for activities such as re-balancing or moving providers or products.   

A wider change to your goals, risk profile or other signifcant life change may need a change to your wider investment strategy to ensire that you are still fully aligned.

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