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Financial Planning Advice Process

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

An initial face to face meeting.  We will discuss your current financial position and more importantly gain an understanding of the things you want to achieve in your lifetime.  Establishing and understanding your goals is key to the process.

This meeting can be in your home, an alternative location of your choosing or via a video call and will take around 30 minuets to an hour.

Step 2 – Analysis

This step involves a comprehensive analysis of your financial affairs – your income and assets on the one hand, and all your outgoings on the other, current tax, location of assets and level of protection.  Analysis is performed within the framework of factors such as appetite to risk, values in areas such as ethical investing and your overall goals.  This is used to determine the best allocation of resources, products and providers.

Step 3 – Develop Plan

The results from the Analysis will be used to develop your Financial Plan, combining the results with the realities of your unique personal situation and lifetime goals. 

The process will use statistical methods, such as cash flow modelling, and the optimal use of different types of investments, financial products, tax wrappers and pensions. 

Step 4 – Initial Review

A face to face meeting will be used to take you through the plan, from how it was developed to what this means for you in practical terms and how you will benefit.

Genuine Independent financial planning is much more than just recommending a product to solve an immediate need.  It provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions and allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your life.

Step 5 – Implementation

We will work with you to ensure that the plan is implemented correctly; for example there may be investments or tax opportunities that will have to be  arranged.

This can be part of an ongoing process or as a one off exercise. 

Step 6 – Monitoring

Flexibility will be built into the plan and there will be features in place to protect against unforeseen events, but life is rarely as expected and the financial landscape is constantly changing in the modern world.

Ongoing monitoring of the plan performance will help to ensure that the plan is still positioned in the most optimal way and will help identify any issues that arise.

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